Our unique team of highly experienced private investigators and forensic specialists are often called
upon to provide expert assistance in reviewing difficult investigations and previously unsolved cases.
These investigators have extensive investigative experience and have demonstrated exceptional ability
in bringing closure to criminal and civil cases of all types. Many of these cases are without witnesses.
We combine our intimate knowledge of Statement Analysis with our investigative expertise to bring
investigations to a successful conclusion. Our Investigative team has solved many  types of case from
employee misconduct to murder.  

Our solved investigations of note are too many to list, but a few examples are:

We recently assisted a County Attorney's Office in solving the two oldest unsolved murders in the
County. The first was 18 years old and involved the murder of a woman in her house by her paper boy.
The second was 17 years old and involved the shotgun slaying of a young man by associates in a drug
related murder. Our Pro Bono assistance to the County Attorney's Office and law enforcement
consisted of the analysis of transcripts of suspects and witnesses and the joint development of
investigative plans, which were ultimately used to solve each case.

We recently assisted two clients in a counterfeit investigation in the People's Republic of China. The
case resulted in the seizure of $25,000,000 (Hong Kong Dollars) of counterfeit computer and telephone
equipment. Twelve organized crime members were arrested, several factories were closed, and an
organization that employed 250 people in its criminal enterprise was put out of business. We developed
market intelligence, had undercover communications with the perpetrators, made undercover
purchases of equipment, and assisted in developing probable cause for search and arrest warrants.

We successfully investigated a theft in Dallas, Texas of telecommunications equipment valued at
approximately 2 million dollars. We were able to obtain a confession from the thief and recover the
equipment. The thief implicated co-conspirators, who were ultimately indicted. Our investigation also
solved a related theft which had occurred at a non-client company in New York City, and our
investigation eventually helped resolve thefts in Chicago, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Much of the
stolen equipment was recovered in Florida. The case was referred to the FBI and was  ultimately
prosecuted by the US Attorney's office.

Another investigation involved the theft of company checks from a client and identity theft which
enabled over a dozen perpetrators to cash the checks, resulting in losses in the tens of thousands of
dollars. We were able to obtain confessions from the person who stole the checks as well as many of
the persons who cashed them. Our investigator convinced many of the suspects to turn themselves
into law enforcement and coordinated their ultimate arrests by the police.
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