Dietz & Associates offers the following courses:

Statement Analysis & Verbal Clues of Deception

Interviewing & Interrogation

Violence in the Workplace

Report Writing

We have taught an International mix of students. We have taught at the Federal Law
Enforcement Training Center, the Collin County Law Enforcement Academy, the Sam
Houston University Law Enforcement Institute, and the ASIS Annual Seminar, as well as
open enrollment and contract courses. Our students have included Federal, State, and
local law enforcement officers, Corporate Security investigators, Insurance investigators,
Internal Auditors, Certified Fraud Examiners, and private investigators, as well as others.


JOHN H. DIETZ: Certified Fraud Examiner; Certified Protection Professional; Private
Investigator & instructor with over 30 years investigative experience, including 25 years as
a Federal Criminal Investigator. Associate instructor at the Collin County Law Enforcement

DAVID E. LEWIS: Certified Fraud Examiner and Private Investigator. A former Federal
Criminal Investigator with over 30 years experience. Associate Instructor at the Collin
County Law Enforcement Academy.

Class Schedule:

ASIS Annual Seminar & Exhibits, Las Vegas, 9/26/07

Norway Defense Ministry, Oslo, Norway, 10/2-10/4/07

Collin County Law Enforcement Academy, 12/13/07
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