Electronic Surveillance Counter Measures

There are many reasons why organizations and individuals spy on each other. It is difficult to
statistically assess how often government, industry, and individuals are victims of illegal and unwanted
surveillance. Evidence of surveillance is often suppressed to avoid publicity or, in some cases, alerting
the spy. Most organizations are unaware that criminal surveillance has had an affect on the success
and mission of the organization. Here are just a few examples of reasons for Countersurveillance:

  • New product developments and plans. Protection of Trade secrets
  • Reorganization plans such as mergers or takeovers
  • Corporate legal problems
  • Labor union disputes and negotiating strategies
  • Protection of financial information
  • Industrial spies from other companies and/or countries
  • Internal Employees spying (Peeping Tom, sexual harassment, stalking)
  • VIP Protection (Terrorists, kidnappers, paparazzi, tabloids, etc.. )

Our ESCM technician has years of security experience. He has conducted ESCM audits and sweeps for
major corporations and nationally known executives as well as small businesses and private
individuals. We use the latest version of OSCOR 5000E, Enhanced Omni-Spectral Correlater,
manufactured by Research Electronics International.

Our goal is to conduct a thorough, cost effective ESCM sweep in order to provide the maximum
possible protection and peace of mind for our clients.
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